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Mark’s Story

by on August 23, 2017 in Our Social Impact

Being a part of the Figtree Team has meant a fresh start for me.

Working here has restored my hope for making a better life for myself and I feel I’m recovering lost life.

From day one I’ve felt so encouraged and I’m improving my work skills with a view to getting back into the workforce.

Before Figtree, I was trying to hold down three casual jobs and just couldn’t handle it.
Doubt used to get on top of me and I struggled with trust so every day felt like a battle I was losing.

My life has changed in so many ways just by being a part of the Figtree Conference Centre team. The pay is very good for starters, so now I can save for the things I want to have and do in my life.

I was always very interested in fashion and hospitality was a whole new experience for me but I’ve found it’s something I enjoy – and I’m good at! That’s rewarding for me.

The conference centre is such a supportive work environment, where I’ve made real friendships, which has made such a difference to the way I feel in myself. I’m not so tired and frustrated all the time and I feel content in my work and more at ease around people.

I have a lot of respect for our support team. They’ve taught me to listen to others. My wonderful boss Sue has had a lot to do with that. She’s real! So when she tells you something, you listen! That has been a big lesson for me because I was used to being judged so I would overthink things and create conflict in my own mind. That would cause me to use words that would hurt people. I’ve learned to relax, so now if someone has a problem with me, I sort it out without the drama. I don’t stew over situations anymore, or get defensive. Being able to do that has made me a lot happier, so I’m not intimidated by the idea of trying to get a job somewhere else now.

All of the friendships I’ve made here have lifted my spirits. It’s a carefree work environment because we all know we’re accepted and we support one another.

They encourage me to go for my dream of having my own business one day. I’ve never really thought about doing anything like that before. I was just working to survive. Now, my plan is to continue to do my very best here until a promotion comes along; then take what I’ve learned into a new job.

Once I reach my goal and have enough money, I want to feed back into Figtree and help give other people the sort of opportunities I’ve had that have turned my life around completely.

Life’s looking up!