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Nancy’s Story

by on August 23, 2017 in Our Social Impact

When I was nine, my parents migrated here from Mauritius so that I would have more opportunities in my life. Growing up I was told that my intellectual disability would hold me back but at Figtree, I’m given the chance to get to work and show people what I can do!

Because they have their own problems, my co-workers understand me so I can just get on with doing my job without having negative expectations put on me. The management have been so understanding of what is needed to manage my depression and give me the flexibility to keep my medical appointments.

At Figtree Conference Centre, they’re patient with us. If I’m a bit slow to get the hang of something, they take the time to teach me. They know that although I’m a quiet person, I do my job and I take pride in doing it well.

Every time I come in the door at Figtree it’s “Hi Nancy, how are you doing” or “how was your weekend?” which makes me feel valued and like I’m part of something really good. Sometimes I turn up at work early just to join in and give everyone a hand and they always help me out in return. Knowing I have people alongside me gives me the confidence to keep coming to work. As a result, I have become more responsible and my self-esteem has grown.

Before being referred to Figtree I had finished year 12 which was a huge goal for me that I’m proud I achieved. I’ve now been married for 6 years and my goal is to be professional, and to be me! Figtree is helping me to do both. My workplace gives me inspiration and support I have not had before which gives me the courage to keep working at my goals.

I was working at a packaging company when it was suggested to me that if I came to work at Figtree, the experience would change me. They were right!

Working here has given me more order and understanding about how to perform at my top and be the very best I can be. Working hard for my co-workers and managers is meaningful for me. It feels good to do my part.

I enjoy setting up for functions and learning Sue’s approach to customer service; how to be polite and helpful – skills I have picked up quite easily. Although I felt very nervous at first, engaging with people soon became very natural to me.

My life is heading in a more positive direction thanks to Figtree. The whole team and the work experience have done so much to build my confidence and it’s opening doors for my future.