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Every person, every event and every achievement at Figtree is a story to be told. Discover the stories behind who we are, how we make a difference, what we have going on and what is making news!


Tips for running a successful Annual General Meeting

Your organisation’s Annual General Meeting is an excellent time for reviewing progress against set goals, celebrating successes, acknowledging all those involved and laying out your plans for the future.

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How to create the perfect meeting room and conference environment

Find out about the ingredients for creating the perfect environment for your next meeting or conference include lighting, seating, sound, temperature.

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Healthy food: the secret ingredient for your next successful conference

Choosing healthy food options for your next conference or meeting can make all the difference to how well people can concentrate & contribute.

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Deonny’s Story

Figtree gets you focused on your future instead of dwelling on what’s wrong in your life.

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Sandra’s Story

Settled, stronger and rebuilding confidence, thanks to Figtree!

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Nancy’s Story

A bold move to a new country and a new job have meant a new life for Nancy

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Mark’s Story

‘There are days I do a happy dance behind the scenes, just because I’m so satisfied in my job!’

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Bold For Change on International Women’s Day ( IWD)

Every event hosted at Figtree makes a valuable contribution to a more inclusive, working world and IWD was no exception!

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