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Sandra’s Story

by on August 23, 2017 in Our Social Impact

For me, Figtree Conference Centre was a way forward after years of struggling with mental health issues.

I had some hospitality experience and certificates in RSA, Hygiene and Bar Operation when I was referred to a training course that required me to work one day a week with Figtree. In view of my skills, they offered me an opportunity to become more involved and I jumped at the chance!

I love coming in to work at Figtree. Being here has helped my recovery by keeping me occupied with something I really enjoy doing.

Having a job that I look forward to going to each day, has helped to re-build my confidence to get out and do things in the world. I feel less anxious and more content, being part of a great team, with good people around me.

My customer service skills have also improved and I now help with the dressing and set-up of events, as well as food preparation. Here at Figtree, you’re always learning something new and I feel like I contribute much better to society now, through my job.

I find enjoyment in my work and I take pride in what I do.

Being paid well for the work I do here has made more things possible in my life – like travel. I have always wanted to travel more and thanks to Figtree, I’ve been able to save for a cruise later in the year. That’s not something I would have imagined myself doing a few years ago but my life is a lot more settled now and I feel stronger in myself. Next year, my goal is to make it to the US.

Having my own case manager has helped me to think about what I want in my life. She says I have good insight to my medication which I’m managing well now. So I’m much more independent than when I first arrived at Figtree.

I feel very pleased with the way my life is going now.